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Mushrooming Coronavirus: How to Protect yourself

CORONA CORONA CORONA How many more positive cases? what are the new announcement by government which country in lock down state??? Every Human on planet Earth is buzzing it. Everyone across the globe is in panic state. It is a Schools, Universities closed, Empty offices-work from home announced, Visa Permission stopped, Countries in lockdown state, Stock market hitting all time low, international trade seized. What is Coronavirus? Coronavirus (COVID -19)… Read more »

Is Organic food really better for health?

Is organic food worth your daily expense? Is it a healthier option of adding to your daily meals? Well in the last few decades, organic food has gained huge popularity. People are spending more on organic because they think it’s safe, delicious and healthy too. Why not? Organic food is grown without artificial chemicals, hormones and antibiotics. Also, it is better for animals and the environment. The organic food industry… Read more »

ITALY – Exciting things to do in the dreamiest place of the world!

Longing for a boat ride in Venice? Or you’re someone who wants to experience the iconic craziness of Italian driving? Or you would be happy feasting on the lip-smacking Italian food? If this is you! Well, you have no idea; Italy is much more than that. It’s a state of mind, not just a place to vacate on. Once you are here, it will bring you closer to the happy… Read more »

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